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Double Foam

The double foam lining on the boot’s inside supports the foot, ensuring comfort and stability. The soft lining allows you to ride without abrasions and pain.

Triple Foam

The lining of the boot made from triple foam provides excellent foot support and comfort. The lining adapts perfectly to the foot, so you will be able to enjoy riding for hours.


Double Vent

Ventilation system that ensures breathability preventing excessive feet sweating. Holes in the shell of the boot allow air to circulate, which positively affects the riding comfort.

Triple Vent

The triple ventilation system will prevent excessive feet sweating even in the hottest weather. Precisely placed ventilation panels ensure perfect air circulation, providing the user the highest comfort.


Polycarbonate Frame

A durable, composite frame made of special polymers is perfect for recreational skating and for those who are just starting their adventure with inline skating. This type of frame perfectly damps vibrations, also allowing to change the wheel arrangement into triskates and roller skates.

Aluminium Frame

The frame made of aluminum ensures precision and better maneuverability of the skates. It is more durable than a composite frame, so it is a perfect choice for more advanced users.


Trust Fit System

A system that allows the boot to fit the foot perfectly. The anatomical structure of the lining provides a sense of comfort and ensures safety while riding.

Double Shock Absorbing System

A system of additional insoles, which task is to absorb vibrations generated while riding. The system not only prevents the feeling of discomfort and fatigue, but also protects from injuries.


ABEC-1 Bearings

These are bearings used in inline skates for children who are just starting their adventure with skating. They provide a safe speed that allows you to improve your driving technique without the fear of falling.

ABEC-5 Carbon Bearings

ABEC-5 bearings made of carbon steel can be found primarily in recreational inline skates designed to improve your skills. The compromise between speed and endurance ensures a smooth ride and durability.

ABEC-7 Carbon Bearings

These bearings are made with more advanced recreational skates in mind. The lower rolling resistance compared to ABEC-5 bearings allows developing higher speeds.

ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings

These bearings are made of special chrome steel. Its construction ensures low rolling resistance, thus enabling high speeds. These bearings are intended for advanced users.


PU Wheels

Wheels made of synthetic rubber (Polyurethane). This material ensures riding comfort, high grip and absorbs vibrations.

PVC Wheels

Wheels found in the most basic models of inline skates and roller skates. Wheels made with this technology are durable and allow safe riding for both beginners and intermediate riders.


Fixed Size

The inline/roller skates are one size only. The boot size cannot be adjusted.

Adjustable Size

The design of the boot allows you to adjust and fit the size to the foot. It is a perfect solution for the youngest riders, because inline or roller skates grow with the child. The adjustable boot is stable and is also a great choice for older users.


Adjustment Switch

There is a switch at the front of the boot that allows you to precisely adjust the size. To adjust the boot, place the switch perpendicular to the shoe’s axis and adjust it by pulling out the front part of the boot. After setting the correct size, lock the mechanism by returning the switch to its original position.

Adjustment Button

The button located in the heel area of the boot allows you to set the size in one of 4 positions. To adjust the boot, just keep the button pressed and set the correct size by pulling out the front part of the boot. When you finish the adjustment, simply release the button.

Adjustment Nut

The size of the inline skates can be adjusted using the nut located under the boot. To change the size, unscrew the nut, pull the locking pin out and set one of the four length settings by moving the front part of the boot. After completing the adjustment, insert the spindle and screw the nut in.


Auto Buckles

Auto Buckles is a buckle system that allows the boot to be properly fastened. Toothed belts allow quick adjustment, and ratchets prevent accidental loosening.

Mixed Fastening

Mixed binding system that consists laces, Velcro and a buckle. It allows the boot to be tied precisely, providing comfort and safety.


Ice Skate Mode

The design of the boot allows you to change the frame from roller to ice skate. It allows you to enjoy your skates all the time together with saving space in your wardrobe.

TriSkate Mode

A set of spindles allows you to transform your inline skates into triskates. This makes learning to ride easier, ensuring stability and a sense of safety, which is extremely important during the first attempts at riding.

QuadSkate Mode

The separately attached set allows you to transform your inline skates into triskates or roller skates. The choice of configuration adjusted to advancement level makes it the perfect set for everyone, even inexperienced users.


Buckle lock

An additional safety button at the upper buckle that prevents accidental opening while riding. The buckle will not open without pressing the button and releasing the lock. This design is also more durable than traditional buckles.